Whisper Room book cover woman in an elevator facing away as doors closeWhisper Room

Geneva encounters a deceptive cast of suspects who pull her into a high-speed chase into the Whisper Room, a dating app for only the most elite members of society―where affairs, blackmail, and murder are all on the menu.

When wealthy men crave no-strings attached encounters, the Whisper Room promises to deliver. Escorts are turning up dead, and Geneva Chase is ready to dive into the exclusive dating ring and catch the killer.

But then one of The Whisper Room's escorts turns up murdered―and she looks a lot like the blond in the blackmail video. The more Genie digs, the more blackmail victims and potential suspects she finds―and the more people she angers. Dangerous people, with links to organized crime and human trafficking. Will this story of a lifetime put a premature end to her own?

Book cover of Shadow Hill by Thomas KiesShadow Hill

How far would someone go to protect corporate profits?

Just days before Morris Cutter, a retired powerful oil executive, is scheduled to give a pseudo-scientific report to Congress that will delay crucial action on climate change for decades, he and his wife are found shot to death in their Greenwich, Connecticut, home. The police call it murder-suicide. The couple's son refuses to accept the official conclusion and hires Geneva Chase, crime reporter turned private detective, to prove otherwise.

Genie soon learns that there are suspects everywhere, including within the deceased's immediate family. Morris Cutter's own daughter hadn't spoken with him in years, and his nephew is a climate activist with a radical organization. But Cutter's former company has a vested interest in keeping a low profile until it is able to present its mock-science on Capitol Hill. Genie is bribed, then threatened, to wrap up her investigation before the scheduled hearing date--and to concur with the police findings.

When the lead scientist of the study goes missing, followed by Cutter's daughter, Genie begins to piece together what actually may have happened to Morris and Julia Cutter, putting herself in harm's way as she races to find the truth.


Warren Easley and Thomas Kies in conversation with Barbara Peters
Warren Easley discusses No Witnesses, Thomas Kies discusses SHADOW HILL
August 19, 2021

Praise for Shadow Hill

Shadow Hill is relevant and poignant

Kies wraps up Shadow Hill in an action-packed, completely unexpected way. Although the conclusion itself was completely satisfying, and allowed for full closure, there is just enough left in Geneva and her friends to titillate the reader into wanting more, and I have no doubt Kies will deliver that in further Geneva Chase novels. I look forward to seeing this character again!

Mystery and Suspense Magazine

Complex characters and brisk plotting make this a winner. Readers will look forward to Geneva's further adventures.

Publishers Weekly

Sleek and engaging. If you miss Kinsey Millhone, you might give Geneva a whirl.

Kirkus Reviews

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Author of the Geneva Chase Mystery Series, Thomas Kies lives and writes on a barrier island on the coast of North Carolina with his wife, Cindy.

He has a long career working for newspapers and magazines, primarily in New England and New York, and is currently working on his next novel.

When he’s not writing mysteries, Thomas Kies is the President of the Carteret County Chamber of Commerce.

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Robert and Barbara were also given the Ellery Queen Award at the 2010 Mystery Writers of America’s annual dinner honoring “writing teams and outstanding people in the mystery-publishing industry.”